Each year an estimated 705 million vacation days go unused in the United States1. That means hundreds of thousands of people are losing their chance to unwind, recharge, engage in hobbies, learn something new, and enjoy time with friends and family. Vacations are incredibly important for your physical and mental wellbeing. That’s why we launched Road Unraveled in 2014: our goal is to help you untangle some of the challenges that come with planning and taking vacations as you seek your own personal and professional success.

Vacation in America 2018 (Infographic via Project: Time Off)
(Infographic via Project: Time Off)
Some vacations take you no further than your own backyard, your hometown, or a favorite spot steeped in memories and tradition. We celebrate those vacations and love to take them ourselves. Our favorite trips, though, are the ones that challenge us by taking us to corners of the world we have never seen. Experiencing new cultures through international travel and learning how life is enjoyed around the globe is a great way to use your vacation time. Unfortunately, international travel is not always a priority in the United States; 60% of Americans and 58% of elected members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate don’t even have a passport2. We hope to inspire you to make the most of your paid time off and to explore new parts of the world as well as new locations in your own hometown.

We’ve had some amazing adventures and we’ve learned a lot along the way. What are your vacation challenges? Do you wonder how you can see the world with the limited time off you get from your employer? Are budget restrictions part of your equation, or do you worry about what might happen if you travel to new or unknown places? By sharing our travel stories, lessons learned, and tips with you, we’re committed to providing information and resources that will be helpful to anyone who wants to put their vacation time to good use. We’re very selective about the content we provide to you to ensure it is realistic and relevant. Our posts are based on our experiences, and we only share honest insights and feedback about the trips we take.

A few things to know about our mission and philosophy and what you can expect from Road Unraveled:

We do our own research and select flights, hotels, tours, and other experiences based on what works best for us and what kind of vacation we want to have. We only recommend or endorse products and services that we have used on our own trips.
We pay full price for every experience, and we only accept discounts that are offered to the general public. Our goal is to recommend trips that anyone else can take; we do not believe we can provide information on how to plan a trip if we receive ours for free. Additionally, we aim to support local businesses and small tour companies when we travel, so we are happy to pay full price for their services.
We occasionally include links to products (via Amazon.com) or services (via Booking.com, World Nomads, etc.) that may result in affiliate earnings, but these links do not impact your price or buying experience and they do not influence our review. They are provided as a service to you and any purchases made through these links will help us to maintain this website. Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.
We do not accept sponsored or otherwise complimentary opportunities in exchange for a review or article on our website. On RoadUnraveled.com, we only share experiences, stories, and tips from vacations we plan and pay for ourselves.
We do not accept sponsored posts from companies who want to advertise their products or services. This is part of an effort to protect our brand, our content, and your experience. We only publish our own content and carefully selected guest content from fellow vacation travelers with stories and tips to share.

Road Unraveled is a combination of stories from the road, stories about the road, and tips for navigating whichever road you’re on. It’s proof that you can balance your career and personal life with journeys that weave through foreign lands and nearby cities. Most of all, it’s our tribute to the incredible experiences and people we meet along the way.

Thanks for joining us!

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