What’s Beyond the Horizon? [Infographic]

In 2016, during a visit to Portugal, the final stop of our day trip to Sintra was a few moments at Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point on continental Europe. We stood on top of the rocky coastline and looked out to the west, knowing that directly across the ocean we would find our home in Washington, DC. It was a fun moment for us; after all, when you gaze across the horizon you don’t always know what country you might be looking at or who might be looking back at you!

If you have ever gone to the beach and looked out across the ocean, you may have also wondered what you could see if the ocean disappeared for a moment and the coastlines were closer together. Imagine if you could just start walking in a straight line from one coast until you reached the next continent—where would you land? We found an infographic that gives you a sense as to which country is directly across from locations in continental North and South America. Take a look below to see which countries might be aligned with your home state or country. For us, we know that we see Portugal when we look to the east, but the next time we visit my family in the Pacific Northwest we will know Japan is directly west of the Oregon Coast, and when we visit Stephanie’s family in Maine we’ll look east to France.

Take a moment to learn what country is across the ocean from you—it just might inspire your next vacation!

Infographic Source: The Washington Post

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