6 Apps To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

A lot of people rely on their smartphones for taking photos when they’re out and about. Whether it’s attending an event, sightseeing on vacation, or just taking pictures of something cool, it’s definitely nice to have that smartphone available for a quick snap.

Unfortunately, those pictures don’t always turn out as nicely as you hoped. Sometimes they need a little fine tuning. Whether you’re looking to subtly clean up an image or drastically transform it with filters and effects, these photography apps have you covered.

Here are my favorite apps to use with smartphone photography:


This is excellent for fixing up photos. It’s an easy to use, all-in-one camera program that offers a huge variety of filters and editing tools. If you only use one photography app, this should be it.


You don’t need to paint to create watercolor images. With Waterlogue you can choose from a series of effects that convert your photos to watercolor-style artwork.

Color Splash

Color Splash lets you quickly and easily make pictures “pop” by changing specific areas to black and white, while maintaining the color in other areas of your choosing. It’s kind of like the color effects from Sin City.


ToonCamera will turn your photos into cartoon-like drawings. It has a variety of effects that covers everything from comic book-style color to black and white sketches. It even works with video.


Sometimes it’s nice to add a label to your pictures to help make a statement. Over lets you apply stylish text and/or artwork on top of your photos. It’s great for making memes and watermarks.


Collage apps are fairly common, but they are definitely useful. This is my favorite app for combining multiple shots into one image.

What apps do you use to spice up your smartphone photography?