Welcome to Road Unraveled! We are Stephanie and Adam, married, part-time world travelers on a quest to maximize our paid vacation time and see as much of this amazing planet as possible. We have been to a combined 64 countries, 7 continents and all 50 US states, but we're always excited to see more!
Originally from Portland, Oregon (Adam) and Boston, Massachusetts (Stephanie), we currently live and work in the Washington, DC area- and we have no plans to quit our day jobs. Like many professionals, our wanderlust tendencies used to be confined to web searches, bucket lists, and Pinterest. In 2013, we decided to change that by creating a list of places we wanted to see around the world and prioritize travel just like we prioritize our jobs, friends, and family. Fortunately, paid vacation time is something we both have, so now if we’re not on the road we’re probably researching or packing for the next trip!
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Where We’ve Been

We’ve been to all 50 states, a combined 64 countries, and all 7 continents! Click on the map below to view the related posts.

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World Map

BLUE = Countries only Stephanie has visited
ORANGE = Countries Stephanie and Adam have visited


Hi! I'm Stephanie, and I've visited all 50 US states and 64 countries on 7 continents. I am a training and professional development consultant, which means I develop classroom and online courses, and when I'm not designing a learning event you'll find me researching our next adventure!

Things I love:
The moments before boarding a plane to a new place (anything is possible then!), watching my passport get stamped, finding a perfect souvenir to remember a great place, wine tasting, tennis, New England sports teams, and my guinea pig Trogdor.
Things I do not love:
Waiting for checked luggage, traveling in the rain, waiting for the "people mover" at Washington Dulles, and anytime a trip has to end.
Favorite place (in the US):
That would be Old Town Alexandria in Northern Virginia- so many of my favorite memories are from that town!
Favorite place (outside of the US):
Nyhavn in Copenhagen (I love the color and smørrebrød!), Lake Bled in Slovenia (especially first thing in the morning when the sun rises!), and Antarctica (the ice formations and wildlife are incredible!).
Favorite travel activity:
I love wine tasting! It's a great way to learn about the culture of a country while meeting some interesting travelers and locals.
Most memorable meal:
I will never forget sitting down to a breakfast of fresh bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, cheese, and coffee in Istanbul. It was exactly what my soul needed after traveling for weeks through Asia, where many of my meals were fried... and had more legs.
Required Travel Items:
A scarf. If you're cold, if it rains, if you need to cover your shoulders, or if you just want to dress up a bit, scarves are a traveler’s best friend.
One place I can’t wait to visit:
I would love to go on safari in Kenya one day.
Favorite road trip:
Adam and I took a last-minute road trip from Washington, DC to Oklahoma one 4th of July weekend- just because we had never been there before. We set out with a very loose plan, saw a lot of the USA, and watched fireworks in a random parking lot in Tulsa because we couldn't find anywhere else to go. It was completely unscripted and a lot of fun!
One thing I miss the most about home when traveling:
Having my belongings in a logical, organized space. Living out of a suitcase isn't easy!
Best travel advice:
Wake up early. You'll catch up on sleep later- go explore when the world is quiet and watch as a city comes to life before you. Every day is full of possibility; never pass up a chance to see the sun rise on another day.


Hi there! I'm Adam, and I've visited all 50 US states, 43 countries, and 7 continents (so far). When I'm not traveling, I work in online marketing with a focus on email marketing, graphic design, SEO, and social media consulting. I also enjoy tinkering with the layout of this website.

Things I love:
Cold weather, tennis, black coffee with espresso, early mornings, bass guitars, the Portland Trail Blazers, the Oregon Ducks, and University of Virginia.
Things I do not love:
People who stop at the end of a moving escalator, mosquitoes, anytime a trip has to end.
Favorite place (in the US):
Crater Lake, Oregon. People should really go see this place.
Favorite place (outside of the US):
Definitely Easter Island. Rapa Nui was everything I hoped it would be- and more! Although, Antarctica is a very close second.
Favorite travel activity:
I love going to ATP World Tour or WTA Tennis tournaments when we're overseas.
Most memorable meal:
The cevapi in we had at a cafe in Bosnia-Herzegovina was incredibly good. The worst would have to be the century egg we had in Singapore (the popiah in Singapore was excellent).
Required Travel Items:
So many options to consider, it's hard to pick just one. Those little bottles of Purell can come in handy at random times. It never hurts to bring a bottle of water from the hotel- or refill your own water bottle before you head out for the day.
One place I can't wait to visit:
Wimbledon! I've always wanted to see a match on Centre Court. Someday, hopefully!
Favorite road trip:
Coast-to-coast road trips in the United States are always awesome. You can see beaches, mountains, deserts, prairies, big cities, small towns, pretty much every kind of landscape you can think of in one trip. I love train trips as well. We took a train through Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary in 2013 and it was an experience I'll never forget.
One thing I miss the most about home when traveling:
My pillow. Hotel pillows can be very hit or miss.
Best travel advice:
Go see the world. Experience life in a different country, even if it’s only for a day or two. Don't be discouraged by the long flights or prices, just find a way to make it happen and enjoy the ride. Even if you only have one day or a weekend available you can still have an incredible experience! I've always liked that anonymous quote "It's better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times" and I truly believe that, especially after seeing so many amazing places around the world. Also, whether you're on vacation or not, this is always good advice; wear sunscreen!

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