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We are Stephanie and Adam, and we want you to use your paid time off to see the world and take a different vacation this year.

We know travel can be hard. Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Tuscany, see the Pyramids, or visit the Moai on Easter Island, but the idea seems too intimidating, too time consuming, or too expensive. That’s where we come in! Road Unraveled is dedicated to helping you untangle some of the challenges that come with planning and taking vacations.

By sharing stories, tips, and lessons learned from our travels to 7 continents, 70+ countries, and 50 states, we hope we can inspire you to tackle your bucket list one trip at a time. The world is full of incredible places to discover. Don’t let your paid vacation days go to waste!

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Road Unraveled




Road Unraveled

1 Day in Santorini, Greece

Road Unraveled

A Day in the Nevada Desert: E.T. Highway and Ghost Town Loop from Las Vegas

Road Unraveled

The Haunted History of Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

Road Unraveled

Surva: Visiting the Kukeri Festival in Pernik, Bulgaria






We’ve written stories and guides on more than 75 locations across all 7 continents!

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