A Day in New Delhi: 7 Things to See
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Long before international travel became part of my lifestyle, it was part of my job. In 2010, I worked with a Washington DC-based nonprofit where I managed an online learning series and developed relationships with international organizations who … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Iconic American Food
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Caution: this blog post might make your stomach growl a little louder than usual! Food is a major part of travel. At a minimum, it gives you the energy you need as you tackle long days and packed … Read More

Travel Movies to Inspire Wanderlust and Adventure
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When it comes to travel movies, there’s something for everyone: comedies, dramas, historical epics, sci-fi, documentaries, and romances are just some of the genres that might ignite your wanderlust. We love watching movies, especially on planes; anyone who … Read More

50 Things To Do In Boston, Massachusetts
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Most of my childhood was spent in the suburbs of Boston. Often I took my proximity to the city and its culture for granted; I realize now not everyone has front row seats to where some of the … Read More

Next Great Travel Writer 2017 Shortlist – Would You Like a Bracelet?
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By now, you have probably heard the exciting news: I am on the shortlist for the Next Great Travel Writer 2017 competition, which is an incredible opportunity provided by Travelex and Penguin. I entered the competition in February … Read More

Revisiting Travel Memories in Tarpon Springs, Florida
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When I was in college, I spent my spring breaks visiting my family in Florida. The warmth of the Sunshine State did wonders for me as both a brief respite from the freezing winters of Pittsburgh and an … Read More

Smart and Savvy Travel Tips – Part 1
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When you travel as often as we do, you pick up a few tips and tricks along the way that make the journey just a little easier. Each month we share one of our favorite ideas through our … Read More

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Cold War Bunker Tour at the Greenbrier
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“I hope you’re ready for a relaxing vacation,” our tour guide said with a grin as he swiped his badge, unlocking a heavy door. “Welcome to the Greek Islands!” As the door swung open, we weren’t facing a … Read More

Port Wine in Portugal’s Douro Valley: Wandering the World’s Oldest Wine Region
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We traveled to Portugal with an almost singular goal. Sure, we wanted to learn about the country’s history, try the food, and meet the people. But really, one travel goal rose above the rest: we wanted to try … Read More

Road Unraveled Is Going to Antarctica!

We’ve crossed off some major bucket list items on trips that have taken us to almost every continent in the world. Now, we can officially announce that we will be able to cross off that elusive seventh continent. … Read More

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